Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is MAME and where can I download it?
A: MAME is the Multi Arcade Machine Emulator written by Nicola Salmoria and his team. The official MAME page is where you can get the latest MAME and MAME news. See the links page for more details.

Q: I can't get MAME working, can you help me?
A: Check the HowTo page for tips on benchmarking. If you can't get MAME working, try the official MAME page, or read the documentation.

Q: Are you affiliated/associated with the MAME team?
A: No, I have nothing to do with any of the MAME/MAMEDev team. I just use and enjoy their product.

Q: What is a ROM?
A: A ROM image is a snapshot of a hardware ROM chip that used to exist in a physical machine at some stage. MAME emulates the underlying hardware of old arcade systems and allows the ROM images to be used in a manner similar to the old arcade cabinets.

Q: Can you please send me ROMs for MAME, or make them available for download?
A: No and no. You are not allowed to use ROM images if you don't own the original arcade board. I will not send anyone ROM images, nor show you where to find them.

Q: Can I submit benchmarks to you?
A: YES YOU CAN! The database takes public entries. Benchmark your systems, and upload the results for all to see! Read the HowTo page howto benchmark your system. Remember that consistency is the key!

Q: Your benchmark database is broken! It told me my favourite game ran at 200 FPS, yet when I play it I can barely get 50FPS!
A: The benchmarking process makes the assumption that the in-game demos are representative of the average workload of the CPU(s) ingame. For many titles, this isn't the case. e.g.: Radian Silvergun has around 10,000 frames of 2D demo before it shows it's first in-game 3D scene. Benchmarking this game will give you an "on paper" result much higher than real in-game scores. Some games stress the CPU quite heavily during the initial self-test, giving you lower average FPS scores than you would see in-game. Moral of the story: this site is used merely as a rough guide for hardware purchasing, and also as a direct comparison between old and new MAME builds.

Q: Your site is boring
A: That's not a question. And besides, I prefer functional to asthetic. I'll save screenshots and images for professionals.