Welcome to my little site documenting my first attempt at making a MAME cabinet.

After browsing the numerous entries at the Build Your Own Arcade Controls website, I was inspired to have a go at making my own MAME cabinet. The options presented were almost limitless in shape, colour, style and design. However, the basic premise boiled down to three options:

1) Convert an existing arcade cabinet

Option 1 faced me with the idea of destroying a classic piece of gaming history. Something I couldn't ever bring myself to do. Restoration is one thing, but mutilation for a MAME cabinet was not my idea of fun.

2) Purchase a pre-build cabinet online

Option 2 was simply out of the question based on the fact that I live in Australia. Any place shipping arcade cabinets would be either American or European, meaning freight was either impossible or just far too costly.

3) Build my own from scratch.

Option 3 would not only be the most challenging alternative, but certainly the most cost effective. But more importantly, I am sure it would be the most fun. I quite enjoy the odd use of a power tool (no snickering in the back there!) and woodwork has always been a passion of mine. So, home built it was.

This site documents my first cabinet, which was to be a generic standing cabinet. I didn't want a fancy all-in-one four million buttons on my control panel type affair. Just a simple two-player cab with enough buttons for the 8-way joystick games, and a nice user-friendly front end for my drunk mates who find a common household CD-Player too hard after a few beers.