I'm a big kid.  I like old games.

My first system was a Sega SG-1000, which my dad brought home one day for a laugh when I was 5.  By the age of 7, I'd been programming this thing for a while now in Sega Basic.  It took ROM cartridges as well as tape, and I used to play Vortex Blaster for hours.

Fast forward a decade, and I've gone through the old SG-1000, my best mate's Commodore 64 and Atari  (hi Geoff :), my Sega Master System, Sega MegaDrive, Super Nintendo (and my import Super Famicom) with GameDoctor and SuperWildCard attachments, Sony Playstation, several old 386 and 486 PCs, and hours of wasted youth at the local fish and chip store playing arcade games like Bubble Bobble, Shinobi, Double Dragon, Street Fighter II.

1997 I bought myself my first Pentium based PC, running at a mind expanding 200Mhz.  What power!  A friend at uni introduced me to his Amiga emulators and related websites.  From there it wasn't long before I stumble across console and arcade emulators, and gave them a go on my new beast.  Nesticle and Genecyst were the first two, followed by SNES9X, ZSNES, and a host of others.  Then I came across Callus, System16, Raine, Rage, Neo-Rage, and of course MAME.

Studies and work took over for a while, but recently I checked out the development of the MAME project to find it now supports over 2700 games from 3000+ ROM sets.  Very impressive.  Browsing the MAME32 website I found an interesting link to how to benchmark MAME's performance, and hence the inspiration for this little collection of pages was born.

I'll do my best to test a variety of hardware with a few consistent ROM sets.  There are obviously old classics that will run at 60FPS on just about anything (Donkey Kong, mentioned in the MAME readme), but some more recent games requiring a bit more grunt thanks to their 3D and the like (Cruisin' USA and Prop Cycle for instance).

For the time being I'm limiting my benchmarking to the standard command-line binary MAME distribution for MS Windows.  Hopefully I'll extend this to XMAME and MacMAME in the future, but no promises for now.
If you think I've missed out something important (your favourite ROM, a certain piece of system information, whatever) head over to the Contact page and drop me a line.  I'll see what I can do to help.